[ENet-discuss] Broadcasting to multiple servers

Beau Albiston albiston at cynergy.com
Tue Feb 20 15:58:57 PST 2007

I'm using the Bonjour API, which is a DNS-SD (or DNS Service Discovery) 
protocol implementation.  It works on a number of platforms, including 


You can download the API from the second link (apple.com).

PS: I'm not sure my post will make it to the list.  So, if you could 
copy this up there, I'm sure others would appreciate it.


Ben Moreno wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm running into a problem when trying to use ENet to find servers on  
> a local network.  I need to be able to be able to broadcast a packet  
> such that any servers that are listening can either respond in kind  
> or initiate a connection.  As far as I can see, there is no way of  
> being sure that you've connected to more than whichever server  
> happens to reply first.
> The servers I'm using are simple ENet servers, essentially from the  
> tutorial.   The client (after initializing everything as usual),  
> creates a peer with the address set to ENET_HOST_BROADCAST, then  
> loops enet_host_service until it receives a connection event.  After  
> that, a second peer is created, which also broadcasts.  This peer  
> will usually end up connecting to the same server.
> Switching the order of calls around doesn't seem to help.  For  
> instance, waiting to run enet_host_service() until after both peers  
> have been created gives the same behavior (usually).
> Am I missing something, or is connecting via ENET_HOST_BROADCAST  
> limited to which server happens to respond first?  Is there any way  
> of reliably knowing how many servers responded and who they are?
> Thanks,
> Ben
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