[ENet-discuss] New goodies in ENet CVS

Lee Salzman lsalzman1 at cox.net
Thu Jul 6 14:35:23 PDT 2006

I put some stuff that was sitting around in Sauerbraten into ENet CVS, 
and one entirely new thing that's basically untested:

Sauerbraten-tested stuff:

	You can set the "data" field of ENetPacket's which your own data, 
instead of having ENet allocate it for you and having to copy it in. The 
data argument of enet_packet_create() just sets this field with the 
pointer you passed in instead of copying it over when you use this flag.

2) Protocol space overhead is half what it was.

	This is only an issue if you are sending mind-boggling amounts of small 
packets, but we were, so it was, and so it's implemented. Some "cute" 
tricks went into this.

Totally untested stuff:

1) enet_disconnect_later()

	This is for all you people who wanted a synchronous disconnect. Once 
requested, no more received packets will be delivered, not even ones 
that were sitting in the incoming queue. It will wait until all packets 
in the outgoing queue have been sent and acknowledged, then do a normal 
disconnect. enet_peer_send() attempts will be ignored during this time.

Just a warning that CVS is no longer in sync with the last release. Use 
at your peril/pleasure.


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