[ENet-discuss] RTT between two process in the same machine

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Wed Apr 12 07:47:08 PDT 2006

siquan at ms16.hinet.net wrote:
>    I wrote a simple client and serer before.
>    Their functions are just HOST, CONNECT PING, and PONG.
>    Put them in the same machine, RTT is 300ms.
>    And if they are in different machines, RTT is almost zero.
>    I confused for that.
>    Using setpriority() after surfing Internet I found that RTT is smaller that before.
>    It is a goog solution for puting client and server in the same machine?

300ms seems high.
I'd suggest two things:
1) try doing a enet_host_flush() as soon or often as possible
2) block or explicitly sleep after you've sent/serviced
the message, so that the other process can be scheduled

These are just guesses.


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