[ENet-discuss] Auto disconnect at client with event ENET_EVENT_TYPE_DISCONNECT

Ulhas Dhuri. ulhas.dhuri at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 02:31:04 PDT 2005


Looking for any active enetian, who could help out :),

I was doing some stress testing for enet library on my LAN .

1> I use Enet Server to to accept 2000 clients and send them small test data 
and also receive small 
test data. (In Infinte loop ) at interval of 1 second.

2> I use Enet multithreaded program which spawns 300 test clients 
sending/receiving some test data at interval of 1 second .

Now it happens that the slowly client's connection breaks down posting event 
ENET_EVENT_TYPE_DISCONNECT , where as the server didn't disconnect the 
client .

On a Lan under ideal circumstances, there should be no such TIMEOUT .I 
further tried to explore into enet code and did the following stuff:

1>set in enet.h ENET_PEER_TIMEOUT_LIMIT = 64

2>protocol.c line no :913 , if (outgoingCommand -> roundTripTimeout >= (
outgoingCommand -> roundTripTimeoutLimit )*400)
ie. increased the roundTripTimeoutLimit by 400 times

3>tried out 

but all in vain .

Could some one with a good understanding on enet post some solution to this 
problem and throw some more light on enet_peer_throttle_configure() making 
it usage more clear

Warm Regards,

Ulhas . S . Dhuri
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