[ENet-discuss] ENet 1.0 "preview"

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Mon Mar 29 14:23:09 PST 2004

My last set of python patches aren't integrated yet.

They are very definitely necessary as PEER_STATE_ACKNOWLEDGING_CONNECT is
broken otherwise.


* Lee Salzman translated into ASCII [Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 05:05:52PM -0500][<20040329220552.GA23294 at wyrm>]
> So, I finally got off my butt and committed all the fixes that have been
> lying around my hard drive into CVS. I will disclaim, however, that I
> have not tested these fixes yet, and all I know is that they compile,
> but should otherwise be innocuous enough to not cause any huge bugs,
> althought I am sure there is probably atleast one waiting to strike.
> New stuff that is in here:
> 1) enet_peer_disconnect_now()
>     This sends an unreliable disconnection request and immediately
> tears down the connection. No disconnect event is generated on the
> calling side, the the receiving end is aware of this. In the worst case,
> if the disconnect packet never gets there the connection will time out
> eventually. This should be useful for many situations.
>     This flag marks a packet as unsequenced, that is, ENet is free to
> deliver the packet in any order it desires, and this so this results in
> lower packet receipt latencies where sequencing is unnecessary. This
> only works on packets that are not marked as reliable, since the
> reliability mechanism depends on sequencing to work.
> 3) Brad Monahan's timer resolution fixes for Win32
> 4) enet_initialize_with_callbacks()
>     This allows you to pass in callbacks to be used in place of
> malloc(), free(), and rand() for those who wanted to fill those pieces
> in themselves.
> 5) There are probably some other miscellaneous fixes in there that i've
> long since forgotten I added. Consider them easter eggs. :)
> What ISN'T there:
> 1) Documentation for the new stuff.
> 2) Bug testing.
> 3) Sane timeout limit handling, as hinted at in another thread.
> If anyone would like to help with these, that'd be cool. :)
> When those 3 things are fixed, I'd basically declare this 1.0 and
> release it as such.
> My excuse: it's my last semester of university, and I'm horribly busy
> trying to pass classes and graduate all the while writing my thesis.
> Time for ENet has been somewhat lacking.
> Lee

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