[ENet-discuss] Re: [enet-cvs] CVS Archive

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Tue Jun 22 10:10:02 PDT 2004

I had some hardware problems with the machine that runs the CVS archive 
and work kept me too busy to deal with them.  I'm hoping to have it 
working again within a week or two. I'm sorry for the long downtime of 
the CVS server.

  - Bruce

Jeffrey Holtz wrote:
>         I’m investigating the ENET UDP protocol to be used to transfer 
> Large amounts of data from an embedded Data Acquisition device.  I’ve 
> been able to compile and write even a small client-server app to begin 
> playing around with.  I am unable to access the cvs archive though.  And 
> the http download tar-gz that is on the web site is from January, 2004.  
> I’ve been able to get the changes from the enet-cvs archives web 
> interface through April 2004 and manually alter the code to match.  Does 
> anyone have the a grab later than this?  Or does anyone know if the cvs 
> archive is working?  Thank you for your help

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