[ENet-discuss] Unreliable send optimisation

Tim Auld tim at ratbaggames.com
Tue Feb 10 22:49:52 PST 2004

When you send an unreliable message, Enet will allocate some memory, put it in the outgoing command list, and wait until an enet_host_service() call is made, right?  Is this for the benefit of throttling?  In the case where there is no throttling, waiting until an enet_host_service() call is made can cost several milliseconds in latency, not to mention some load in memory allocation and fragmentation.  A small degredation in performance has been noticed on local networks since Enet has been integrated.  Pings are generally higher, including some 10ms pings, which is unusual.  Is it possible to have an interface to send the message immediately?

Side note: I'm not too keen on the heavy run-time memory allocation.  It would be nice to have some options for pre-allocating an array of buffers.

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