[ENet-discuss] A unified rate-based throttle for reliable and unreliable packets

Jim Purbrick Jpurbrick at climaxgroup.com
Thu Apr 22 02:43:39 PDT 2004

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> From: Bruce Mitchener [mailto:bruce at cubik.org]

> If I'm understanding this correctly, sending reliable data has the 
> potential to choke the flow of the unreliable data.  This 
> makes it seem 
> likely that some way of throttling the flow of reliable data into the 
> ENet layer may then be needed.
> But how would you know that something like that was 
> happening?  If you 
> could log something either to file for later visualization or to a 
> socket for visualization in realtime to see what the current sending 
> rates are, the current budget, how much of that is going to reliable 
> data, how much to unreliable data, and so on, that seems 
> highly useful.

ENet should expose at least some of these stats programatically so that
applications can adapt to changing network conditions.

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