[ENet-discuss] Help! Simple problem with large packets

Pete Diemert pete_diemert at msn.com
Thu Oct 30 00:08:33 PST 2003

Hello, this is my first time posting to enet.  First off, just want to add that ENet is definite gem of a find and much appreciated.  I downloaded the latest source from about 1 week ago and integrated the library into our application.  I have a thread that calls enet_host_service() approximately every 100ms with a mutex so that the enet_host_service() calls won't overlap the enet_peer_send() calls (some coarse grained multithread support).  We then proceed to send RELIABLE packets with no problems.  However, we notice that our large packets (approx. 1500 bytes) are not making it through.  After a little investigation I can confirm that this behaviour coincides with our crossing of the single fragment barrier.  I also confirmed that all the data seems to be sending properly from the peer and is, indeed, being received by the host (at the socket layer).  This leads to me be believe the issue is somewhere in the fragment reassembly code.  This is assuming that I haven't missed something very simple regarding large packet sizes and ENet.

I am doing this on WinXP using MSVC 6.  Any insights that might point me the right direction or perhaps some references to specific lines of code that I could watch would be greatly appreciated.

Pete Diemert
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