[ENet-discuss]pyenet: how to send data from server to client.

Ling Lo ling at slimy.com
Mon Jul 21 20:04:22 PDT 2003

Rene Dudfield [illumen at yahoo.com] wrote:
> Ling Lo wrote:
>> Rene Dudfield [illumen at yahoo.com] wrote:
>>> For the loss of reliable packets:
>>> python -u atest_networking_enet.py server > /tmp/asdfasdf
>>> python -u atest_networking_enet.py bench_client
>>> grep hi /tmp/asdfasdf | wc -l
>>>    998
>>> hi should be printed 1000 times.
>> I can't reproduce this...  Also, you imply you're doing this on the
>> same machine which shouldn't have any packet loss.  You can get
>> packet loss figures using:
>>   peer.packetloss
> What os are you on?  I'm on debian linux 2.4.20

I'm on Windows 2000, SP3.  I did notice that when running your programs they
did not flush to file so I ended up with a partial log file.  Does linux
exhibit this behaviour?
  |   Ling Lo

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