[ENet-discuss] Enet beyond gateway

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Mon Dec 8 07:50:21 PST 2003

Brian Hook wrote:
>>I was wondering, is it possible to connect form a client beyond a
>>gateway to a server without any port-forwarding turned on using
>>enet? Thanks! Nathan Hüsken
> No, since that's not a function of the networking library but instead 
> a function of the gateway/router.
> Now, if you want to avoid problems with firewalls, what you can do 
> instead is attempt to hijack a commonly used port (say...port 80) and 
> communicate out that way.  I've never done this however, so I'm not 
> sure of the exact requirements to accomplish this (I just know it's 
> been done).
> This still isn't perfect, since some sophisticated firewalls will 
> block non-HTTP traffic on port 80.

Or they'll send it through a transparent HTTP proxy. (But I doubt that 
they'd do this with UDP traffic...)

SOCKS 5 supports proxying of UDP traffic however, so that might be 
useful.  SOCKS 5 isn't that hard to write support for if that works for you.

  - Bruce

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