[ENet-discuss] ENet needs your help!

Lee enet-discuss@cubik.org
Sun, 27 Apr 2003 21:50:16 -0400

I'd really like to get ENet ready for a public release. The code is stable
enough, and the site is presentable enough... but the build system is lacking.

Would anyone be willing to donate an autoconf/automake setup? It would just
need to handle detection of the various options currently specified in the
preprocessor macros in the Makefile:

HAS_GETHOSTBYNAME_R - gethostbyname_r()
HAS_GETHOSTBYADDR_R - gethostbyaddr_r()
HAS_POLL - poll()
HAS_FCNTL - fcntl()
HAS_MSGHDR_FLAGS - struct msghdr.msg_flags

Also, detecting the proper socket libs on Solaris would be spiffy
(nsl/socket), and whatever other frills like detecting the cc.
The donator wins a line in the CREDITS file. :)